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A Construction Manager makes the difference!

Building your dream home from scratch can oftentimes be filled with missed expectations and a variety of challenges along the way.  Time delays, cost overruns, building permit hassles, endless contracts, and having to interface daily with a multitude of consultants can compromise your enjoyment with the finished product.

Enter Trailmark,  a construction management firm that acts as the owner’s representative during design and construction. We understand the intricacies involved with making our clients’ construction dreams a reality. Beginning with the design, Trailmark internalizes client objectives and then performs the roles of manager, foreman, logistics expert, auditor, concierge, treasure hunter, fire fighter, building permit authority, psychiatrist and much more. Trailmark works tirelessly to deliver a successful finished product that throughout the process from design development to furniture move-in has provided peace of mind and an enjoyable experience for our clients.