• Work with Owner and consultants to establish initial project budget
  • Work with Owner to establish optimal procedure for selecting contractor
  • Develop "short-lists" of contractors, based on reputation, specialty, and due-diligence reference review
  • Design development with both the owner and architect;
  • Prepare detailed scope of work and bid instructions for all contractors.
  • Management of all engineering including civil, structural, MEP
  • Management of Security, AV, and Lighting designers
  • Confirm that each contractor has submitted valid insurance certificates proving they have adequate and proper worker’s comp and general liability insurance.
  • Accept questions during bid process from contractors, coordinate written response to contractor questions
  • Review contractor fee proposals, develop comparative matrix with ranking and recommendations for contractors
  • Total project accounting, monthly billing review and approval, project budget, cash flows and pro forma development

Construction Management

  • Develop schedules of contractor deliverables
  • Work with  Owner and consultants to verify project schedule at agreed-upon project  benchmarks
  • Assure that all contractors and other participants fully understand the project’s design and requirements at every stage
  • Track project budget and schedule on a weekly basis
  • Hold project meetings during construction on a weekly basis, issue minutes of meeting
  • Review payment requests from contractor(s) to make sure the work, for which payment is being requested, has been satisfactorily completed
  • Assure that the contractor(s) provides a safe workplace and complies with OSHA regulations and oversees weekly safety meetings
  • Maintain a central control file of design, engineering, and construction contracts, correspondence reports, and change orders
  • Inspect the work at the final stage of the project and prepare punch lists for the contractor(s) and assure that these items are completed before approving final payment to the contractor(s)


  • Work with Owner to develop a direct purchase list including but not limited to furniture, appliances, custom light fixtures, TV's and equipment
  • Develop "short-lists" of manufacturers and vendors, based on reputation, specialty, and due-diligence reference review
  • Accept questions during bid process from manufacturers and vendors, coordinate written response to questions
  • Review manufacturers and vendors fee proposals, develop comparative matrix with ranking and recommendations
  • Work with Owner to prepare contracts
  • Work with manufacturers and vendors to assure completion of punchlist items
  • Review applications for payment from  manufacturers and vendors
  • Coordinate delivery and installation with the design team